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My name is Kyle Soeltz. I’m an avid hiker, skier, climber, and general outdoors enthusiast. I created this blog to help inspire and provide information for those looking to reconnect with the world and not with their wi-fi. In everyday life I am a designer and developer, and this blog is my way of using my skills to push that vision forward.

Kyle Soeltz

Where Does Your Time Really Go?

Our time is so much more limited than we realize. We say we have our whole lives to do things, but how much time do we really have? When everything that has to get done is taken out of that, how much is left? And worst of all, how much of that free time is then wasted doing things that aren’t even fulfilling?

Be Here Now

You Only Have 33 Years To Live

Let’s start with the average US life span of 79 years. Now deduct all the necessary parts of life-

  • Sleeping - 24 years
  • Eating - 4 years
  • Cleaning - 2 years
  • Grade school - 2 years
  • Driving - 4 years
  • Working -10 year And you’re left with only 33 years. To be clear, this isn’t saying these things are ‘bad.’ In fact, many people find great enjoyment out of their work or from eating, and without sleep you couldn’t get anything else done! Of course if you’re going to spend 4 years of your life eating, don’t waste that time eating bad tasting food.

Around 60% of Your Remaining Life Will Be Spent In Front of a Screen

Studies have found that the average person will spend over 5 years on social media, and nearly 8 years watching TV. And that number is on the rise. Some studies say that we spend up to 24 years of our lives plugged in. That would be 72% of your free time spent on a screen!It would be one thing if all this media consumption was truly fulfilling, but social media plays on our addiction centers and even uses similar practices as casino games to keep us coming back for more. Why? Because advertisers want your data and attention.

Experience the World On Your Feet, Not On Your Phone

We all only have so much time on this Earth, don’t spend it living through a screen. Hike a mountain. Go out into the town with those close to you. Reconnect with nature, with people, with the world.

Boardwalk along mountain trail