Escape the crowds of Krabi with a hike up Dragon Crest

7.15.2021 - Kyle Soeltz
2 minute read

Before flying into Krabi, my fiancé and I had spent several days staying at an amazing tree house resort in the forested hills of northern Chiang Mai. It is safe to say our taste in travel tends to be more down-to-earth. When our shuttle pulled into the downtown area of Krabi and we saw literal flashing neon lights wrapped around every single…
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Hiking Elephant Mountain, Maine

7.9.2021 - Kyle Soeltz
2 minute read

Sitting at 3773ft, Elephant Mountain is the 96th largest peak on the New England 100 Highest . I mention the Hundred Highest as that is the pr…
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The peak doesn’t always have to be the high point of your trip

1.25.2021 - Dan Lafleur
1 minute read

With winter in full swing and the pandemic still hitting hard, it is more difficult than ever to get out and still distance yourself from others.…
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The most beautiful and pleasant bushwhack in the Wild River Wilderness

9.16.2020 - Dan Lafleur
3 minute read

This summer has been all about 2 day loops for my friend Kyle and I. Kyle had the idea to head up to the Wild River Wilderness where he spent …
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Creating a VT 4k Loop: Escaping the NH Crowds and Stumbling on some Stinging Nettle

8.14.2020 - Dan Lafleur
2 minute read

Route: Long Trail to Mt Pico > South on Long Trail to Killington > Bushwhack to Mendon > Herd path to road > Catamount Cross-Country ski…
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Torres del Paine: The W Traverse in Reverse

6.3.2020 - Kyle Soeltz
11 minute read

The Patagonia region is home to numerous national parks throughout both Chile and Argentia. At 150 thousand guests each year, the most visited o…
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PCT Update 13 (Final): Whisper

9.25.2018 - Kyle Soeltz
12 minute read

It's day 151 . I shake the ice off of my tent as I peel it open to watch the last sunrise I will see on the Pacific Crest Trail. The air is cold…
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PCT Update 12: Countdown

9.4.2018 - Kyle Soeltz
7 minute read

I vividly remember my first moments on trail like they were yesterday. Dennis, his dad, and I sat in the back seat. Dennis's brother Tom sat in t…
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PCT Update 11: Wonder and Woe

8.26.2018 - Kyle Soeltz
7 minute read

Our speed continued to be fast and when we couldn't up the pace any further we pushed the time instead. Most mornings we would be hiking around 6…
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PCT Update 10: Smokescreen

8.13.2018 - Kyle Soeltz
6 minute read

On another scorchingly hot afternoon I made my way to the last town of California all alone. In just a few more days I would be crossing into Ore…
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