PCT Update 7: Down Time

06.28.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

We were out of food and toilet paper, our extra batteries were all dead and our phones running on their last drops. Twelve straight days through the High Sierra had... Continue Reading »

PCT Update 6: Into the Sierra Nevada

06.16.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

It has been close to 2 weeks since any sign of civilization. Even longer than that since we were last in a real town, and by real town I mean... Continue Reading »

PCT Post-Desert Gear Update: What Worked, What Didn’t, and What I’ll Be Taking Into the Sierra

05.29.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

With the desert section behind me I feel it is a good time to look back at all of the gear changes that took place over that 700 miles. There... Continue Reading »

PCT Update 5: Marathon Through the Mojave

05.16.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

In the middle of the blistering heat and barren landscapes sits a place with shade, running water, and even air conditioning. Run by a couple of “trail angels” out of... Continue Reading »

PCT Update 4: Walking Through the Clouds

05.05.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

We took off from Big Bear Lake fast and strong. Our sights were set on the town of Wrightwood and the summit just beyond it, Mount Baden-Powell. This next section... Continue Reading »

PCT Update 3: What Goes Up Must Come Down

04.27.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

As we looked at the map in preparation for our ascent up Mount San Jacinto, we planned three distinct days – an up day, a down day, and a flat... Continue Reading »

PCT Update 2: Dog Mayors and Gradient Ecosystems

04.19.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

The day after I slept in a kitchen shed we hitch hiked back into the desert. We were picked up by a young couple, Anwar and Claudia, who seemed even... Continue Reading »

PCT Update 1: Wind and Banjos

04.08.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

It is the fifth night of my hike and I have given up on sleeping for the night. The point at which I gave up is after my tent collapsed... Continue Reading »

Pre-PCT Gear List

03.30.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

As day zero comes closer and closer, I have finally put together my complete gear list. The first 700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail offers a desert climate interspersed... Continue Reading »

PCT Update Zero

03.22.2018 - Kyle Soeltz

As I write this it is the last full day I will spend in this apartment. Next week will be the last week at my job. Two weeks after that... Continue Reading »